Axis Bank Payment Gateway – Magento 2

Axis Bank Payment Gateway. Support Merchant API (2-Party) and Hosted (3-Party). Support MiGS VPC, 3D Secure and SHA256 Secure Hash

Axis Bank Payment Gateway – Magento 2 allows you to use Axis Payment Gateway as a credit card processor, using their fully integrated API process. You can process Visa and Mastercard by default.

INR as your payment currency

Axis Payment Gateway keeps your customers’ card data secure with 128-bit encryption, CVV2 checking and, if you request it, 3D Secure, so they can shop with confidence.

The extension is including 2 methods:

Axis Bank Payment Gateway: It allows your customer to purchase directly from your site using Credit Cards.

Axis Bank Hosted Server (3rd Party Payments): Redirect to the Axis Payment Gateway website for credit card entry, then redirect back to your confirmation page once successful.

Additional Information About Axis Bank:

Axis Bank Limited is the third largest private sector bank in India. Axis Bank’s stake holders include prominent national and international entities.

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– Support Merchant Server API (2-Party Payments)

– Support Hosted Server (3-Party Payments)

– Support MasterCard internet Gateway Service (MiGS)  & Virtual Payment Client (VPC)

– Support SHA256 Secure Hash

– Support 3D Secure

– Capture New Sales

– Create Invoice Automatically

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